Survival Sunglasses

Survival sunglasses

I keep sunglasses as part of my EDC and a pair in my car and BOB.
Besides blocking the sun sunglasses provide a tactical advantage. Most people don’t realize what they give away from their eyes alone.
Sunglasses help hide your body language. They help hide your fear and your deception. When you encounter someone who is wearing sunglasses it is hard to judge their character and creates an intimidating uncertainty.
I have found myself in a situation before and without noticing my sunglasses helped me keep the upper edge.

The situation

I was staying in a hotel in a “undesirable ” area. I chose this particular hotel for the price and the fact it was the lowest. As I was unpacking my things in the room, I realized that I had left something in the car. When I was walking back to the car I noticed a man looking over the wall that divides the hotel parking lot from his apartment yard. I immediately panicked and starting thinking of what to do and how to deter him from from considering anything.
Now when in this situation, it is never smart to assume you have the upper hand. This is his turf. His home field advantage. I don’t know what he is capable of or anything about his connections. Is he armed? Is he alone? And is he so confident that he can smile in my face and mug me later.
So what did I do?
I walked over wearing sunglasses as a normal part of my attire and just started staring at the man, thinking of what to say. That’s when he looked up and saw me. He seemed surprised. He quickly stood straight and gave a friendly wave and said ” hey, how’s it going” but not in a pompous way. It was more understanding like he was thinking” okay , you got me. Everything is cool” that’s when I saw that he had as much fear as I did. And I saw it in his eyes. He stepped down walked away and went on with his day. I didn’t say or do a thing. After I went into my room and took precautions. I placed some gear by the door and a rifle by the window. From the window I had clear sight of my car and his yard. After a few long months being cut off from people I was more paranoid than usual. I spent the night mostly by the window or getting up from bed with every noise to check out the window.on the next night he had some friends over in the yard and I could hear his conversations. Still paranoid I listened in. One of his friends asked about the ” new guy at days” (days inn). I’m the new guy. The hotel is filled with regulars, mostly hookers and drug dealers who often operate business right in the parking lot. After the mans friend asked about me the man replied” nah man ” with my paranoia I can only imagine what that means. The conversation was about if I was worth taking advantage of. I’m an easy target. Out of tower, alone car filled with stuff and a giant roof bag with zippers. I spent the night trying to figure out how I might have gotten a pass. Then I remembered an article about on intimidation and and the power of the subconscious. Then I was thinking about what I did to possible intimidate him.
It wasn’t anything I did. It was what I didn’t do.
I didn’t let him see my eyes
I didn’t let him hear my voice
I didn’t give him anything to go on.
I didn’t try to threaten him and give myself away
He had nothing to go by no idea what I was capable of.
After all of this I decided to continue to watch him
He was with his friends and he was playing with a dog.
Tossing it in the air like a small child and talking to it.
Rolling on the ground playing tug of war with chew toys. And carrying it around like a baby. His friends didn’t seem impressed with his soft side, often saying things like ” let’s go do some shit man”
I am not excusing him from being a danger, but I still slept well that night.
Now on the other side
I can not assume I know anything for sure.
I kept my things by the door anyway
It was a lesson
You have to keep the whole picture in your head but also read the signs and be conscious of your surroundings and what you are giving away without even thinking about it.

Now remember that sunglasses can work to your disadvantage.
Sometimes you may want to show your emotions
Show someone your trust, understanding and other body language.


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