Two Sides of the Coin

Two sides of the coin.

Whatever the situation is you need to be ready for both sides.

Side one: Heads
The easy side.
This is the emergency
Earthquake, fire, flood, war, illness, harsh weather
This is what most people prepare for.
The “easy” side

Side Two: Tails
Along with any situation you find yourself in.
You have everyone else in the same situation.
You need to take this in to consideration. You have prepared for this to the best of your ability. Most people have not and when people panic they get stupid.

Let’s use a hurricane for an example.
The supermarkets and gas stations are full of people. They are driving poorly to beat crowds accidents people running into stores cutting in lines
Tensions are rising
Now I’ll make the next part clear
I am not talking about raiding and looting and defending yourself with guns
Now there’s a time when that situation may be valid but that’s not what I’m talking about today.
Im talking about situational awareness.
If you need to leave the house drive carefully and know that most people won’t be.
Be patient.

The best way to avoid the chaos is to bug in and wait for it to pass.
If bugging out the roads will be packed people looking for short cuts accidents getting stuck. Prepare your route accordingly.
If there is a town evacuation
Everyone will be evacuating
Stay aware, stay smart, stay alive


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