Skills vs Preparedness

Skills vs preparedness

Yes if you are confident with your skills in wilderness living all you need is a knife and knowledge or even just knowledge. If you know how to hunt with a bow you made or traps and to prepare game and build shelters and start a fire by rubbing sticks together then you should be ready for any emergency… I disagree.
These are skills for living in the wild and long term survival. If you think the whole world is going to crap and we are going to have to start over or plan on running away to live in Alaska ( that guy was an idiot) then your wilderness living skills will be important. Now if we are trying to be ready for those winter storms and being stranded in a car in the middle of no where your preparedness will save your life.
If you are injured or tired and not thinking clear you aren’t going to want to spend the time making a bow drill or hunting for dinner. When its a snow storm and everything is wet you won’t want to spend time making a fire, you will want to throw down a fire starter and get it going because you need it.

So when people ask. Skills or stuff?
The answer is both.
You don’t know what situation you will be in.
Have your bug out bag and have your skills and think smart.
If you have the time and energy make a fire the old fashion way and save your supplies for a rainy day. With your kit and your brain you can survive any situation short or long.


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