Power Outage

Power outages

This month the power has gone out almost daily
Never more than 15 minutes
And it doesn’t seem like a big deal
But at night when it’s time to take a leak and its too dark to find the bathroom door it’s a good idea to have flashlights handy.
I keep flashlights everywhere so I am ready
Having glow sticks can help light up areas like, bathrooms or to mark doorways and exits. Having a wind up lantern and extra flashlights is a good idea to be prepared for a power outage.
Other supplies to consider
Extra batteries
Battery back ups
Also make sure you have a battery in your alarm clock
It seems silly
But because I didn’t have a 9v battery I have set my alarm and time about 17 times this week it currently just flashes the wrong time at me.
Going to pick up a battery today. The red flashing for the clock is a warning.
What does it say
” get your shit together”
It’s right
This is my life
I have chosen to be prepared
To learn skills
To be ready
It’s a lifestyle
Some times in life we all need to get our shit together
It’s not always easy and we don’t have to be in it alone.
It can be anything from a battery to an empty gas tank when we need to bug out or get to the hospital.

Be smart be prepared.


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