Bugging Out

Bugging out

Disaster strikes and you have been bugging in and it’s time to go or bugging in was never an option and its time to get out of dodge.

This is your bug out plan
Everyone’s plan will be different depending on family and living situation, but here are a few things everyone should consider

I like to have three BOLs or bug out locations.
All chosen for different situations and with cached supplies at each location.
It’s up to you to pick your BOLs
Here are some things to consider
You will most likely be on foot so don’t make them all really far away.
If your vehicle is usable you still might not be able to make it down streets littered with cars and accidents. Keep your Bol a secret so when you show up your not a guest in your own hideout.
I move around a lot so every time I move I have to make a new bug out plan.
I like to have a place close if I’m on foot.
A place far and remote if I have a vehicle.
And a place in between like a relative or friends house. Just far enough out of the possible danger areas but close enough that I could get there safely on foot.
If the power is out and will be for weeks and you have it set up to stay in a relatives guest room then you won’t need to try so hard building a camp in the wilderness.
Be smart. Some people own summer homes or cabins in other areas make them a bug out location stock them with supplies in case.
Know your locations well.
Make sure you can find them in the dark
If a wilderness area check before hand for a good place to set up camp so you aren’t searching when your hungry tire and not in the best of moods.

Now that you have locations
You need travel routes.
Plan a route using back roads or cutting through if on foot.
Avoid possible traffic. Consider roads that are dangerous in harsh weather.
Have a map,and mark any supply stops on the way in needed. Mark gas stations and any other points of interest.

Once you get to a location
Have a plan.
Identify priorities
Check health and treat any injuries
Get a fire going
Get a shelter up
And get something to eat
And save energy
The longer you are at your BOL the more time you will have to make improvements
At first focus on staying alive and healthy.

Keep a radio on to stay informed and adapt accordingly
Keep informed so you know when it’s safe to return home or head out for more supplies.

Once you have your bug out plan and your bug in plan it’s time to put them to the 3 day test.


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