Bugging In

Bugging in

When the situation dictates that its better to stay where you are, stay where you are. This is your bug in plan.

Everyone’s plan will be different depending on family and living situation, but here are a few things everyone should consider.

When the time comes

top off water. Fill up and container before the water goes out
Tub- pots- sinks- buckets- storage bottles-washing machine remember there is water in your toilet tank- water heater
If the water stays on for a while rotate using water from container and refilling with the tap. Keeps your supply fresh.
Remember you will want water for drinking and washing and hygiene.
Any water in a dirty container should be boiled before use.
If the situation includes breaking water lines you will need to boil all water from the tap anyway in case of contamination. Remember not to flush your toilet if you flush down water and have no water to fill in the bowl you will leave and airway for bacteria to get in your home. The water in your bowl creates a barrier.
Also be careful using a sink as a urinal because some of the waste will sit in the sink and cause odors and keep bacteria in your sink. Your best bet is to have a 5 gallon bucket outside with a bunch of heavy duty trash bags that you can tie and seal up.

Before the electricity goes out
turn Freezers + fridge to max coolness
Summer- Set thermostat temperature cold
Winter= set thermostat temperature warm
You will want to keep your food as fresh as you can. The colder your fridge and freezer are the longer it will take to thaw and spoil.
Try not to open the doors until you have to.
Before dipping into your emergency supplies eat fresh food and meats then move to the freezer then your dry goods then emergency supplies

You will want to shut off the gas in your home in case of leaks
Most gas values require a special tool.
If so make sure you have the tool and know how and were the gas shut off is located

If the electric is still on keep the Tv or radio on so you know what is going on.
Some situations require immediate actions like nuclear disaster. You will want to move to the basement or middle of the house and cover windows and vents with plastic and turn off the circulating air. I will do a post in the future about nuclear disaster and I will go into greater detail.
If you stay informed you can adapt and protect yourself.
Also use existing electricity to charge any batteries and devices.

Double Check BOB And place by door
Make sure you aren’t missing anything
Fill In Gaps In Inventory
Prepare BOV
Check gas level
Tires and pack with bug out gear that is too much to carry
Do not pack your bug out bag.
Keep your bug out bag by the door in case you need to head out on foot in a hurry.
Remember that your bug out should have everything you need to survive
If your thinking ” we’ll what if I want this” then maybe you should consider keeping it in your bug out bag.

Now get the place in order.
Remove the clutter
If you don’t use it lose it
Keep emergency supplies in a place you can get to
Reposition supplies for better use.

Organize Arms/ ammunition
If the situation dictates

Stay put and wait for chaos to settle
Don’t take a risk if you don’t have to
If you do need to leave for last minute supplies or anything. plan it out.
Have options. Don’t go to the supermarket if you can go to a corner store like a walgreens, that has food and medical supplies
While you are out you may want see if you can pull money out of an ATM. Cash is king until it dies. Choose an ATM in a more discreet location for safety.

Stay bugged in until its all over or you need to bug out then you will need a bug out plan.


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