3 Day Test

3 Day Test

Now that you have a bug out and bug in plan it’s time to test them.

Bug in test
Have a friend call at an unknown time
To tell you the grid is down
Turn off your water
Turn off your breakers
I do not recommend shutting off the gas unless you know what you are doing
Also check any appliances that use gas to make sure pilots don’t go out and leak gas into your home or that you are turning them on correctly afterwards. If you are not familiar with the gas in your house it would be a good idea to learn bout it for after a real emergency.
And get through the next 3 days
There is no better way to see how prepared you are and adjust your plan
You may find you need to increase some supplies or that you were missing them all together.
Figure out your bathroom situation.
You will not want to flush the toilet the lack of water barrier will allow bacteria and odors to fill your home.
Remember to eat fresh food in your refrigerator and freezer first before your dry goods and emergency rations.
You may want to write down what worked and what didn’t so you can review and adjust later.
You shouldn’t have to use anything in your bug out bag so its ready to go if you need to bug out. You wouldn’t want to bug out and then be in a situation where you ate all your bug out food.

Bugging out
3 day test

Pick a bug out location
Have a friend call you at an unknown time
And bug out with the clothes you are wearing and your bug out bag nothing else
Then you must get to your bug out location
And live for 3 days
Its a true test to see what you might be missing

Once you test your preparedness
And adjust from your lessons
You may want to retake the tests
But this time back to back
3 days bug in
Then ditch and bug out for 3 days

Stay smart, stay prepared, stay alive


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