Vehicle EDC

Vehicle Every Day Carry

There are some things you should have in your vehicle at all times.
Your BOV may be different than your every day driver.
In a situation where you are on the road you will need to have the equipment to get home or get through the situation.
Lets assume that you keep a get home bag in your car and focus on more vehicle specific items.

Jumper cables
I personally do not carry jumper cables but instead I have a battery pack that I can use to jump my own vehicle. The chances of me finding another car on the roads where I live are slim and none. A few months ago I drove my car across the county without the ability to start it without a jump. Some battery packs have built in air compressors and lights. Make sure what you get is enough to get your car started or tires inflated.

Tow straps
Road flares
First aid kit
Air compressor
Cell charger
Extra fuses
Extra batteries
Work gloves
Tire plug kit
Gas Siphon
Road atlas
Electrical tape
Duct tape
Fire extinguisher
Ice scraper
Gas can ( filled)
Folding shovel
Tool kit
Tire jack
Tire iron
Make sure you have the key for any locking lug nuts
Or tools for vehicle specific parts
Also if you have any specialty cards like an AAA card make sure you have it with you in case you need it.
Don’t forget license and insurance and registration papers.



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