Stuck in a ditch in the middle of the desert.

Stuck In a ditch.

This week me and my friend Atlas Hawke went for a drive. we explored an abandoned town along a river. We had to cross the river a few times and trudge through the mud around it to get to where the town was. On the was out we got back to the car and decided to take the road rarely traveled. On the way we got stuck in a ditch. Atlas and I spend four hours trying to dig ourselves out with no luck. We decided it was time to go for help. So we gathered all the water we had left lucky we filled a five gallon container earlier that day and filled our bottles. Before we I wrote a note on the hood of the car” stuck went for help” then we started our 6 mile walk to another road were we may see a car and then the other 10 miles to another road and so on until we found help. Once again luck was on our side. We took ten steps from the car and we saw a truck. He helped pull us out of the ditch. He also said that he rarely goes down that road and hasn’t been for weeks. He also said that he rarely sees anyone else on the road either. We were in a situation that could have turned sour real quick. We avoided heat stroke and dehydration by drinking water and resting in shade. If we had run out or were stuck there for a few days or had to walk many miles to help we could have easily run into trouble and possibly even died.

We had close to 8 gallons of water between us
Some food
First aid
Tow straps
Without those our time would be much more dangerous

Keep your kits stocked
Prepare for your adventures appropriately
Don’t bite off more than you can chew
I will spend some time researching winches and other recovery items.



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