Get Home Bag

Get Home Bag

This in the bag you keep in your every day vehicle to get home in an emergency.
It’s kinda like a bug out bag but it focuses on getting home and not long term survival.

Keep a change of comfortable clothes
Make sure clothes are appropriate for the season
Pair of comfortable shoes
Water filter
Water purification tablets
A few meal bars
First aid kit
Cell phone charger
Toilet paper
Extra batteries
Emergency flare
Glow sticks
Fixed blade knife
Pen, pencil
Area map
Bottles of water
It’s good to have cash
If the power is out at the gas station you won’t be able to use your card
Prepaid calling card
A barter bag

The idea is that you have this near you or in your car so if the SHTF you can make it home or to your bug out bag.


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