First Aid Certification

Hi my name is Jensen and I am certified in first aid.

I recently took a class and was certified for first aid.
We went over recognizing and treating many different illnesses and scenarios.
In most cases the steps are the same or similar. I believe everyone should take a class in first aid to be prepared and to help their community.

Make sure the scene is safe
Tell someone to grab the first aid kit and AED
Use proper personal protective equipment
Have someone call EMS

Obviously you do not need to call EMS for minor injuries
But keep in mind that some minor injuries can lead to serious injury or death.
Then it is your job to do what you can until services arrive.
If you live in a place where services may take a long time or there are none you will need to take care of things. That will be covered more in another class like wilderness first responder.

Ask the person if they need help
If they say no, call and stay with person until EMS arrives
If person can not answer, assume they want help

If you come across or are alerted to someone who needs help
First check the scene for further danger to prevent injury to yourself, others and it could help identify what is wrong with the person. Ask if person is okay
Check if the person is conscious, check for breathing. Check for bleeding. check for a medical bracelet that can help diagnose what may be wrong. Send someone to call 911 and get the first aid kit, AED or both be prepared to give CPR if needed.

Most of first aid is common sense
The idea behind taking a class is to build the confidence so when there is an emergency you will act smooth and efficiently.



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