Daily Practice

Daily practice

Keep your gas tank full
If possible in case you need to evacuate the area
Chances are the gas stations will be mobbed and its better to avoid that situation if possible. Never let it get below half a tank so you always have some gas for emergencies
Have some cash available in small bills
If you find that you are missing some important supplies you will need to make a run. If the power is out or registers freeze up cash will be your only option.
Stay in good physical condition
If you find your self in an emergency you might be on your feet, no sleep, little food,constantly moving, lifting,running for up to 72 hours or much longer. If you don’t feel like your up to it now, you won’t be when the shit hits. If you are hoping that the adrenalin will kick in and get you through, think again.
Practice your skills. When your out camping don’t dump some fire paste on a log and pull out your bic. Use other fire starting techniques.
Keep living space organized and clean
Keep remove the clutter in your life.
If you don’t use it get rid of it. If you don’t use it often put it in a spot that isn’t as accessible and save prime storage for things you use often and emergency supplies.
You don’t want to be digging through clutter looking for flashlights and batteries or whatever else. If its time to leave your home do you know where your keys are?
Can you get to your bug out bag or is it buried in the closet?
Keep up on inventory
If you use an item make sure you replace it.
Make sure you keep you EDC items with you.

Okay so it sound ridiculous

You should have your EDC so you can get to your EDV and you GHB to get home or to your BOV or BOB then you can bug out.

Think about your situation. Are you ready to bug out at all times. If something happened when your sleeping can you just grab your bug out bag and hit the road? Or is there a few items you will grab ( cell phone wallet keys) do you sleep in your underwear or pajamas will you want to change if you have time? Think about it and get things ready. My keys and phone and bug out clothes and bag are all in place so if I get a knock on the door at 3 am and it’s time to get out of dodge Ill be out the door in seconds.

If all this sounds like a lot of work, it is.
If you want to survive whatever comes your way you have to change your lifestyle.
I’m not saying you need to give up your life. You need to find a balance and a routine to fit. It’s a big commitment for the ” what if” but… What if…


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