Bug Out Vehicle

Bug Out Vehicle

In a bug out situation you are going to want a reliable way to travel.
Some situations may require you to travel on foot, but for theses that don’t you will need a BOV.

Choosing the right BOV

This is one of those topics that is highly argued.
What you need to figure out is what option best fits your living situation.

Dirt bike

Travel through crowded streets on sidewalks small alley ways and between stuck cars and travel through dirt trails and back country avoiding the mob.
This is more for the lone wolf. You will need to travel light, so pack accordingly.
Consider the noise level of a dirt bike, there are many models and modifications to provide quiet travel. You may need to stop more often for gas because of a small tank and the challenge of carrying extra.
If you have a family or a group you plan to be with you will all need your own vehicles.

SUV/ truck

Something with 4 wheel drive would be preferred.
When looking at models, consider storage, gas mileage, ruggedness and size. Something too big will get you stuck in traffic jams or narrow back roads.

I wouldn’t suggest a car for a BOV, but it can be done or it may be your only option.
If purchasing I’d probably look for a car with 4 wheel drive. And maybe a storage area like a station wagon would.

I’m excluding things like those armored cars and vehicles made for urban assault and tanks and stuff like that. Maybe if you were a billionaire and could keep one in your garage. Though if you could afford something like that you should probably just build a bunker and not worry about leaving ever.
I am also excluding planes. I do not know enough on the subject, but it is a possibility. As long as you have a way to get you your plane.

If you are stuck with the vehicle you have or have a bug out vehicle you need to keep them maintained. Gassed up and ready to go.
I try not to let my tank get below half. Keep up on oil changes,check all fluids, filters, lights,brakes. I also recommend you keep your vehicle looking like it blends in. If you start driving with armored windows or tons of extra gas and cargo on your roof you are going to make yourself a target.

They all have pros and cons but it all seems simpler when your thinking for you situation.

My situation
I am single. I travel a lot. I have no constant home.
I live in remote areas most of the time.
So I have to travel with my belongings and some times live out of my vehicle.
I can only have one vehicle unless I wanted to tow something else.
I drive a Nissan Xterra. It has excellent off road capability and many favorable options. It has enough storage room for me and someone else if needed. It is also very adaptable. If I needed to pull a trailer or add roof cargo I can. There are also many after market modifications and options for it. It also happens to be a save family or every day vehicle. There are of course many downsides but in my situation it fits my life best. I have too many belongings to travel on a bike only and I do not live in congested areas. There are hundreds of miles of back roads around that easily can get me to safety.

Regardless of your situation you will need to have some basic gear and tools in your BOV at all times.
For a list check out my Vehicle every day carry post


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