Manual transmission

Driving stick

My first car was an automatic. My second and third cars were automatic. I never had the chance to learn and never needed to know how to drive stick. Until one day when a friend of mine needed to be taken to the emergency room. We were in her car with a manual transmission I was trying to figure out and as she was giving me instruction, she passed out and was unconscious. Lucky for us, there was a cop driving by and stopped at a red light. I was able to get his attention to call an ambulance. That day I learned that Volkswagen cars have gears in different spots. I under stood how to drive a manual car, but when there’s stress from an emergency it’s hard to concentrate.

Recently I was reminded of that day and I asked my friend for help.
I received my first lesson on driving stick
I was nervous to learn and nervous to drive a car that didn’t belong to me.
I always understood how the clutch and shifting worked but doing it is something else. Starting the car was easy. Getting moving into first was the hard part. Shifting into higher gears wasn’t a challenge and everything was fine until I got to a stop sign. It was there with traffic around that I struggled. I was hoping to drive in an empty lot somewhere without pressure and embarrassment. Then there I was stalling again and again. Looking back I was thinking too much. I was afraid of letting off the clutch too fast in fact i was going too slow and not giving gas fast enough. Some things you just learn and do. In the end I am happy that I learned it. In an emergency I wouldn’t be restricted in someone else’s car. In a desperate situation I could Choose any vehicle to bug out and in the future I won’t ever have to run half a block to knock on a cops window to call an ambulance.
Also, if you ever have to knock on a cops window, don’t be surprised if the first thing he does is pull his gun out.


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