Escaping handcuffs in the wild

Escaping handcuffs while being blindfolded in the woods alone

It was 4:00 pm and my friend and I were going to find a camping spot for the night.
After we found a good spot he would go back,work a shift,and then pick up and drive our friends to camp sometime around 1:00am. It was my job to set up the tents, sleeping bags and get the fire going. Before my friend left he handcuffed me behind my back and double locked them, then he covered my eyes and face and drove off.
He had the two keys that came with the handcuffs. So there I was listening to someone drive off in my truck, standing next to a pile of tents and bags. Being prepared is the key. Seriously I keep bobby pins hidden in my wallet or shoes.
Hand cuffs lock as they ratchet shut and all it takes is a little pressure on the key hole with a pin to pop it open. When a hand cuff is double locked it is another story. On each cuff there is an oval slot with a vertical pin. On a typical handcuff key there is a pin on the top that is used to slide over the pin in the oval. The pin is pushed over double locking the hand cuff, this stops the cuffs from getting tighter or being easily picked. If unlocking a double locked cuff with keys you would turn the key toward the side that opens until you slide the pin back into the oval and then turning the key the other way toward the inside of the cuff. With a bobby pin it’s the same idea but much harder to do. My first challenge was being blindfolded. The blindfold was hot on my face,itchy and the fact that I couldn’t see wore on me mentally. After wiggling my head, biting on the blind fold and some interpretive dance moves I was able to get the blind fold down to my neck. Next I had to get the pin from my wallet and start on the cuffs. The problem I ran into first was that I couldn’t find the key hole to put the pin in, then once I had found it I couldn’t tell if I had picked the first lock. Sometimes the bobby pin would catch and make a click noise that I though was the pin in the cuff sliding back. If the cuffs were in front of my I could see if I got the pin over. With them behind my back I could only try to pick the second lock. If it didn’t work I had to start over. While trying to maneuver the Bobby pin, it slipped out of my hands and onto the ground that was covered in pine needles. After searching for what felt like hours I was able to locate the pin and get it back into my hands. At this point I was getting frustrated, tired, and I was about to pee my pants. Many times while practicing getting out of handcuffs behind my back I tried to pull my arms under my but and legs to get I front of me. I was never able to do it, until I was left alone in the forest. I kneeled down, grabbed the back of my shoe and tried to stand up pulling on my wrists with the cuffs cutting and scraping my skin, I was able to get them behind my knees and that was all I needed. I could now see and twist my arms a little more with the pin. It didn’t take long to get out after that. After I got them off I relived myself and started setting up camp. I was a free man and everything was better except maybe my bruised and swollen wrists. It took a little over an hour to escape if I was in danger it would have been too late and even though I wasn’t in any immediate danger, I felt scared and panicked. What if I couldn’t do it and I had to pee my pants and lay there for hours as it started to rain and the temperature dropped until my friends came to save me. Well lucky for me that didn’t happen. In the time between adventures ill practice more and maybe start hiding a key on my and just make things easier.

Though the chances of me being in this situation are not likely, it is not impossible.
I have lived in dangerous cities where people are pulled off the streets, mugged, and restrained somewhere until they are found and rescued or found dead. Urban survival is just important as wilderness survival. Since I move between busy cities and remote country, it is important that I learn all angles of survival.




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