Bug Out Bag


For any emergency you may be faced with, staying prepared is always your best defense. One of the best ways to stay prepared is to have a BOB or GOOD bag.

BOB- Bug Out Bag
GOOD- Get Out Of Dodge

If its an earthquake, fire,flood,economic collapse, terminator invasion,or your girlfriends kicked you out for some reason you have not yet and may never figure out, you will need supplies skills and equipment to get through it.
The idea is to have enough supplies to get trough 72 hours. In most cases that is enough to get to safety , rescue, or until she takes you back. If the situation is more long term I like to have the equipment to survive indefinitely and if need be start over.

I will list all the contents of my bag by pouch and I have split gear into stuff sacks to organization and quick finding. When choosing your equipment I don’t recomend going to the discount section. When things are at their worst and you are hungry, tired, injured and stripped of everything you take for granted each day, you aren’t going to want to put up with junk equipment and uncomfortable clothes or backpacks. Especially when your life depends on it. Now , that doesn’t mean you need to go out and get the top of the line equipment. Do research, ask around, and try things out.
Also when it comes to gear, minimize the weight take them out of packaging cut tags keep it simple and the more uses something has the more important it can be.

My bag is a US military A.L.I.C.E. pack
It holds a lot is comfortable and can be organized well.
If you want less attention get yourself a nice hiking pack with national park patches sewn on.

The first stuff sack I have is for extra clothing.
3 pairs of socks
3 pairs of underware
1 pair of wool socks
1 pair of long thermal underware
1 tee shirt

I also keep a pair of hiking pants ,wool fingerless gloves and a button up long sleeve hiking shirt in the bottom of the backpack.
All that combined with the clothes you are already wearing should be enough.

Next is a hygiene bag
Disposable razors
Compressed towel
Baby powder
Q tips
Bar of soap
Toothbrush ( cut the Handel down to save room and weight)
Hand sanitizer
Antibacterial wipes
100 vitamin c tablets
60 multi vitamins
Insect repellant

Food bag
5 meals Backpacking food ( add boiling water )
2 Foil pack tuna packs
Military MREs
5 cliff bars
Beef jerky
5 hour energy
Then a ziplock bag of assorted drink mixes, electrolyte solutions
Sugar, tea, honey, salt, pepper.

The tool bag
Folding saw
Zip ties
Multi head screw driver
Allen key set
Vise grips
Crescent wrench
Window punch
Jute twine
Aa and aaa batteries
Assortment of nails
20 ft paracord
Electrical tape
Utensil set
Pocket trowel

Barter bag
Silver coins
Drink mixes
Toilet paper
Water purification tablets

Miscellaneous bag
Sewing kit
Emergency whistle
Utensil set
Paracord lanyards
Deck of cards
Duct tape
Sharpening stone
Fire starter
Can opener
Mini Swiss Army knife
Gerber shard tool

Survival bag
I keep a copy of my survival tin in a bag
The contents can be found on a previous post
Also in the bag I have
A emergency USB drive
Credit card multi tool
Ranger pace counter

In the small compartment on the inside I have a
tube tent
A hunting knife
Stainless water bottle
Mess kit

In the outside pockets and other compartments I have
The rest of the items sorted for easy access and priority

Top pocket
Local maps
Map of United States
Extra personal identification
Business cards with contact info
Toilet paper
Two water proof bags
Survival manual FM 21-76
Two note books
China marker

Pocket 2
Glow sticks
Signal flares

Pocket 3
Black trash bags
Clear trash bags
Ziplock bags
Crushable hiking hat

Pocket 4
Rain ponchos
Toilet paper
Space blanket
Emergency bivy bag
Dust mask
Protein bar
Beef jerky
Drink mix
5 hour energy
Trail mix

Pocket 5
Water filter
Coffee filters
Safety glasses

Pocket 6
Led flashlight
Extra batteries
Two way radio

Pocket 7
This pouch holds my first aid supplies
Medi- Lyte
Alka seltzer plus
Zantac 75
Non adherent pads
Assorted bandages
Cotton balls
Saline solution
Super glue
Insect sting wipe
Wound seal
Triple antibiotic ointment
Hydrocortisone cream
Contact lenses
Ace bandage
Gerber multi tool
Pocket knife

Attached on the straps on the outside of the pack I have
A survival knife
Led emergency beacon
And wrist watch

There is one more thing you will need and it won’t fit into a bag.
All of that gear is useless without knowledge.
If you don’t know how to use the gear or start a fire or to live without modern conveniences you are as good as dead.
Use your brain, plan routes, learn skills and let go of fear.
I live in a place of constant danger and so do you.
It just depends on how you look at it. Where I am there are no stores, no hospitals for 100 miles, high risk of wild fires,very few fire fighter/law enforcement/ EMT responders. I travel and hike in the most isolated places in the country and when things go wrong, I will handle it to the best of my ability.” />



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