Survival Tin

Today i want to talk about my survival tin. It is a small kit i can take with me in any situation. It does not have food or water, but it does have ways of obtaining both. In a worst case situation this kit and my knowlege can help me survive.
I will go over my kit and share some ideas if you are thinkibg of making your own. I will also talk about things you should carry every day to be prepared for any situation.
Things to consider
My kit is larger than nessasary.
I would sugest a kit that fits in your pocket( about the size of an altoids tin)
That way you can carry it at all times.
If you are hikeing and are seperated from your pack or any other gear you can be prepared.
Okay here all the contents of my kit and some uses for the items.
1. The pouch.
The pouch i use is a basic utility pouch found at army surplus stores or amazon( everything is on amazon)
It not only holds my kit together but is usefull on its own.
The pouch has two large belt loops on the back to attach to your body.
I also have a caribener hooked on quick attachment to a belt loop or pack
The caribiner has many uses on its own as well there are too many to list and its common sense anyway.
The pouch when emptied can carry anything. If your gathering tinder or berries or anything it can free your hands and pockets. I have a six foot length of 550 cord looped through the belt loops and tied then tucked inside the pouch. If i need to i can pull out the cord and use it as a strap to wear the pouch like a womans purse. This helps if you have a lot of weight in the pouch to distribute it better. You can use it with the belt loops or just on its own. I have tied a simple knot to join the two ends of 550 cord in a spot that fits my height. The uses for 550 cord are too many to list. If you don’t know anything about 550 paracord, get some and read up. I keep a small pocket knife in the first shallow pocket for easy access. You can find a cheap pocket knife for a dollar at walmart. I would sugest something more durable but its better than nothing.
2 knife
Im not going to get into the pros of having a pocket knife. A knife is the second best survival tool in my book. I will cover knives more in another post.
3. Rubber bands
I have two rubber bands holding my in shut to keep te contents from spilling out. Rubber bands are another item i don’t think i need to get in to.
4. The tin
The tin not only holds your items but it can be used as a cooking containerand for boiling water.A water collector and many other things.
The lid can be pollished to use as a signal mirror.
5. Bandana
Can be used as cordage
A bandage, sling or as a bandana!
Soaking a bandana and then wraping it around your head will help cool you down in the heat. Not only will the moisture feel good but te evaporation process actualy creates a cooling effect on the body. A bandana is another item with endless uses from toilet paper substitue to a touniquet.
6. Cotton balls
In a survival situation you might wish you had balls of steel, but these have they have their own uses. Not only do they keep the contents of your tin from rattleing, they also make a good tinder and take a spark easy!
7. Drugs!
Asprin, non asprin, ibuprofen, imodium, medi-lyte, benadryl.
In a long term situation these might not last long. In a shot term situation like a hike up a mountain these can be helpful.
8. First aid
I carry an assortment of bandaids, gauze, alcohol preps, antiseptic wipes,wound seal,antibiotic ointment and hydrocortisone cream.
9. Mole skin!
I hike a lot and this stuff can save your feet.
10. Razor blade maglite
12. Water purification powder
Make sure you read the directions. Some powders require the water to sit for hours!
13. Matches
I use wooden matches and break them in half so i can fit twice as many. I prefer a wooden match because of how sturdy and they light easy.
14. Candle
Matches do not burn long( even less if you break them in half). After you light a match you can light the candle. They burn long enough to get a fire started and don’t go out as easy as a match. An can be reused. The candle wax can be used to seal holes as well.
15. Fire starter.
There are many Types to choose from.
I suggest something made to last and sparks easy.
16. Wet fire tinder
Wet fire is a cube of compressed fuel. It takes a spark easy burns hot and slow enough to get a fire going, even in wet conditions. You should check it out.
18. Pencil and waterproof paper
If you are in a survival situation you can either stay put an wait for rescue or rescue your self. Leaving behind a note of which direction you went and any injuries you might have can help if you are found and increase the chances of rescue. You can also take notes of an area. Drawing maps of a camp area to nearby water sources or food can help.
Even inventory lists or a day by day account of what happened can help keep you from loosing it but again help you if it is found.
19. Ear plugs
A disaster that envolves a lot of sirens or any other loud noise can quickly get to you. Earplugs can help tune out the noise, help you get some sleep and help keep your cool.
20. Safety pins
Can be used to hold together clothes. They can be also used as fishhooks.
21. Sewing needles and thread
Can be used to repair or make improvised clothing.
22. Fishing line
Good for fishing, traps, cordage
23. Fishing hooks
Small hooks catch small fish and big fish
Big hooks only catch big fish
Can be used for other animals
24. Snare wire
Can be used for traps. You can also make improvised handles or hooks.
25. Wire saw
Used to cut down small branches and even trees. Normaly come with handles
I take them off and can always improvise a handle when needed with a shoe lace or a variety of other items.
26. I keep a packet of a beverage flavoring in my kit. Even after treating water it sometimes still tastes off or like the chemicals you used to treat it.
This can help te taste. Look for somethig that maybe has electrolye replacement or something to benifit your body.
27. Duct tape
It can be folded flat and wraped around itself so it diesnt take up a lot of room.

A survival saying you should remember is ” two is one and one is none”
Notice that i have multiple options for fire starting. Or for catching food. Have a backup an a backup for your backup.

You need to consider the situation you might be in. If you are the middle of a city, having fishing hooks without haveing fishing as an option sounds dumb. On the other hand part of this kit is your knowlege. What else could you use fishing hooks for? Think about it. You could catch birds or even small rodents. They could be used to hold torn clothing together. You really need to go beyond its original use.
So carfully think of what you put into your kit and its use in your situation.
Next thought. If you don’t know how to use the items in your kit, they are worthless! If you cant fish or start a fire with a flint or find your way with a compass then it is wasted space. You need to learn to use these items. Or replace them with items you can use. Maybe a simple lighter instead of a flint. Its better then nothing.
You need to adapt or your situation or any sitiation.
For every day carry items heres a list to consider
A small knife
Or a razor blade
You can fit a razor blade in your wallet. It takes up little space and can be very useful.

I carry a small keycain that can be used as a screw driver a pry bar and a bottle opener.

Remember that paracord stuff?
Replace your shoelaces with some.
That way you have some without loading your pockets. You can also make a bracelet. I will go over paracord projects in another post.







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