Survival kit

In addition to my survival pouch I have a few connected pouches and tools. Small enough to grab in an emergency and it also has the ability to attach to a molle backpack or had d rings that can be used with a strap to sling over the shoulder. It has molle straps to attach other items to make a complete bug out kit. This post I am going to list the contents of this kit on its own. In another post I will list contents of the bug out to complete the entire bug out kit. This is mainly a first aid/ survival kit. Does not have food or water but ways of obtaining both and the tools needed to survive for an extended period of time. Most of its contents are good for one or a limited number of uses. Remember the rule” two is one and one is none” this kit has multiple ways to start fire and purify water and other redundancies. If in an emergency these items will allow me to quickly do the things I need. Some items are better for reserve. An example being wet fire tinder. It takes a spark easy burns hot in any conditions. If I am not in an immediate need for fire other methods such as bow drill or hand drill should be used in order to save wet fire for tougher conditions for fire starting. In theory this kit and my knowledge can help me survive indefinitely. Though I may use contents in the kit they can be replaced. Not always with the same item but something similar, possibly found in nature. Sticking with the wet fire example natural tinder bundles can be made and stored for future use if needed. I will now list contents of this kit. I will not go into detail on all the items most are self explanatory.
Led flashlight
Extra batteries
Head lamp
Uv light on hat clip

Leather man super tool( many useful tools and strong enough for heavy use)
Assisted opening folding knife
Mini Swiss Army knife( has built in tweezers and tooth pic)
Knife sharpener
Wire saw
Razor blade
Ranger pace counter

Wet fire tinder
Cotton balls
Matches in water proof container
Flint sparkler
Quick tinder
Fire steel rod
Small bic lighter

First aid
Assorted gauze pads
Assorted band aids
Mole skin
Super glue
Saline solution
Alcohol preps
Iodine preps
Single use thermometer
Antiseptic towellets
Ammonia inhalant
Antibiotic ointment
Burn cream
Cotton balls
Insect sting relief pads
Insect protection cream
Poison ivy and sumac towellets
Q tips
Non aspirin
Medi Lyte

Other items
Safety pins
Sewing needles
Small and large fish hooks
Signal mirror
Snare wire
Fishing line
Emergency blanket
Hand Warner’s
Duct tape
25 ft paracord
Field notes notebook( contains quick reference survival tips and blank pages for notes and map drawling)
Ear plugs
Altoids tin
Extra pair of contact lenses
Peppermint candies
Cliff bar
Glow stick
Dust mask

Water treatment
Purifying powder packets
Potable aqua tablets
Vitalyte electrolyte solution
Propel powder packs
Coffee singles
Tea bags

There’s a small tin in the outer pocket containing
Sewing kit
Mole skin
Single use thermometer
Gauze pads
Antibiotic ointment
Hydrocortisone cream
Band aids
Alcohol prep
Iodine prep
Insect bite relief pad
Butterfly band aids
Antiseptic hand wipes
Non aspirin
Small mirror
Safety pins
Super glue
Button compass
Small Swiss Army knife
Cotton balls

On the outside of the main pouch there is a gerber lmf II survival knife
A paracord bracelet
A molle d ring adapter to easy attach keys or carabiner

I have another EDC pouch that can easily attach to the front
It contains
$50 cash
Small bic lighter
Mini mag light
Mini Swiss Army knife
Pen and pencil
Propel drink packet
Paracord keychain
Another field notes notebook
USB flash drive( will go over contents in another post)
Spring assist pocket knife
And a multi tool





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