Parachute cord or 550 cord is a nylon utility cord that has many uses.
Genuine military grade paracord consists of a nylon sheath made of 32 braided strands and an inner core made seven of three- ply yarns.
550 refers to a breaking strength of 550 pounds.
Having a length of paracord can be useful for many tasks in the outdoors and at home.
Shelter building,clothes lines ,to make netting,hammocks, and so on. There are just too many to list.
Also with taken apart the inner strands can be used for sewing or fishing line smaller traps.
Having a length of cord in your kit or on you hiking is a good idea, but often a bundle of cord takes up precious room in a pack.
Here are some popular tips for storing cord to have it with you.
Replace shoelaces. Not only does it not take up any extra room but you will have the comfort of knowing your laces are unlikely to break unlike most standard laces. Any short lengths of cord can be tied together if needed.
Another thing you can do is make a paracord bracelet . Depending on the way you braid it there can be from 8-15 feet of cord per bracelet!
Braiding cord into key chains or around pack straps can also reduce the space used for storing. Keep in mind that braided cord will take some time to untie and is not as practical if you need to get to the cord quickly. Wraps around water bottles made into belts or slings
Lanyards and pouches
I sugest learning to do these projects yourself to better familiarize how to untie or re tie if needed.


4 thoughts on “Paracord

    • I have used paracord many times on hikes. I use it to lower or raise my pack on steep drop offs and pulling my pack behind me in a cave that was too narrow to keep my pack on my back. I have used it to lower myself down a dried up waterfall by tying my shoelaces ( paracord), my leather belt and looping them around a rock to hold me until I was able to get my foot on a ledge below. I have tied up my food and pack away from camp to avoid bears and other wildlife. I have been on many hikes where i have not needed paracord or any type of utility cord. I keep it around for the times I might need it.

      • Interesting, thanks for pointing out the many ways you’ve used the stuff. What length do you carry?

        (I went a little overboard and bought a 60 foot length of PMI Niteline to bear-bag my pack, it’s way more than I need, but the fact that it glows in the dark turned on my boyhood sense of wonder.)

      • I carry any where from 8 to 15 feet made into a bracelet, my two shoe laces are replaced by paracord and usually 25 feet tied to my pack. It depends on how long my hike or camping trip is. Some of my knives have paracord on the sheath or handle. So i can secure it to a stick as a spear or use it for anything else that comes up.

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