Whatever situation you find yourself in food is going to be a top priority. You could be stuck on the highway during a blizzard, bugging out after a flood takes you house away, or just lost your job and are struggling to pay the rent. In any situation you are going to need the basics, food, shelter,watering fire. So when you’re out buying supplies for your bug out bag, bug in back,or supply cache, you need to consider a few things.

Shelf life- if your food stores have a long shelf life you can count on them being there for you when you need them most. You won’t have to spend as much time and money rotating and replacing them either.

Nutritional value- you will want to make sure you have a variety of food to make up a healthy diet.

Size and packaging- think about your situation. If you are building a storage room in the basement, maybe you can afford to have shelves of canned goods and buckets of rice and jars of preserves. If you’re bugging out with the clothes your wearing, you will want something compact.

Preparation- some food packs for campers only require boiling water to make a meal, some foods you will need pots,pans,stoves,water,utensils and more. So in your situation make sure you are prepared.

Taste- never over look a moral boost. In a emergency you probably won’t be having the time of your life and something like a tasty meal can be enough of a spark to keep you going. You should try out some different options to see what you like before buying in bulk.

A few weeks ago I ordered a military MRE for a test run. I was first surprised at the size of it. It is kinda bulky and not as compact as I imagined. Though the packaging was tough, like it was made for the worst situations. And they were. There are few things on this world as devastating as war. So keep in mind when buying supplies to check the military surplus stores. Modern clothing, shoes,backpack,vehicles and more have been made to be tough,last longer and provide comfort during your everyday life. It’s all because of the military, trial and error, and input from people that rely on these things for survive. So when I recived this heavy meal in a think plastic package I had to consider there was a reason for it all. They are packages to withstand airdrops and combat life. They have a shelf life of at least 3 years depending on the menu up to 5.

Inside the package

Brisket( main course)
BBQ sauce
Cheese spread
Toffee rolls
Toffee cookies
Iced tea lemon drink mix
Coco mix
Butter buds
Moist towelette
Toilet paper
And a spoon.

To prepare you need to do a few things at once. There’s. plastic bag for the coco and the meal heater. Both have fill lines for water. Once you put the water in you need to stick the main course into the heater bag with water and the coco bag with the top folder on top. Then sit aside and it will heat the meal and coco just by adding water. After that everything else is open and eat.

Keep in mind that these were made to be eaten for 21 days by that time there should be other food available.
In an emergency situation you might not be as lucky. So it is good to have a variety of foods and not just a stockpile of MREs.

Some freeze dried foods only require boiling water be poured into the bag they come in.
They are also very light and made for backpackers. Some research is required I haven’t found the taste to be so great in some.








I have decided to list some of the ingredients of MREs I eat to show the contents of different menus

I had a sloppy joe MRE the other day
Sloppy joe filling
Wheat snack bread
Fudge brownie
Grape carbohydrat electrolyte powder
Cheese spread with jalapenos
Nut raisin mix
Also this included the spoon, salt, pepper coffee mix and other condiments along with some toilet paper


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