A New Begining

Survival skills

A years months ago I was talking to a friend about being prepared. His idea of prepared is having enough beer to get through the night and a few bottles of booze in case the beer runs out. Just to test my patience, my friend started coming up with situations to see how I was prepared. Most of his scenarios were based off of disaster movies and fantasy novels. Near the end of the conversation he said something that stuck in my head for the rest of the night. ” so I guess you are ready for the apocalypse ”
That’s when I realized I don’t want to be ready for the apocalypse. I want to survive it. I don’t want to be ready for the worst I want to survive the worst.
So I started a list of skills to learn and master.
I took scenarios and figured out what I would need to survive.
Not just having gear and having an idea how to use it. Or reading how to build shelter,find water, start a fire with sticks,escape from captures, or perform simple first aid. I realized I was still worthless. There are people that have survived with only a knife. There are people that save lives every day. There are farmers, hunters, paramedics, search and rescue teams, and even the homeless are survivors. What am I? I am spoiled, and “prepared”.

So here’s the list

Start fire with a fire starter
With a lens
With a reflector
With a bow drill
With a hand drill
With a fire plow
With a car battery

Boil unsafe water
Make a solar still
Tree branch sweat bag
Make a water filter
Find and treat water in the wild ( not from running stream or methods above)

Navigate with compass and map
Find north with shadow stick method
Find north with the sun and an wrist watch
Navigate using the stars at night

Building camp
Make a latrine
Make a bed
Pot rods and holder
Carve spoon
Make cordage
Make foot ware

Sapling shelter
Lean to
Fallen tree

Learn to hunt
And trap
And gather
Make and use a bow and arrow
Sling shot
Snare traps
Dead falls
Safely identify and eat plants or insects
Make a gillie suit
Learn to fish and gut fish
Learn to prepare game
Smoke meat

Urban world
Pick locks
Escape handcuffs
Escape flexi cuffs
Escape duct tape
Escape rope restraints
Gaining information from someone through speech
Prepare a USB emergency drive
Learn to drive stick
Can and dehydrate own foods
Hotwire a car
Maintain personal vehicle
Change oil
Change flat tires
Checking brakes and fluids

Other skills or tasks
Hide caches across the country
Become and remain debt free
Learn mores code
Learn a foreign language
Learn to shoot and maintain firearms safely
Find a companion
Form a network of people

I also decided to take classes
If I want to do this and do it without killing myself or someone else I need to ask for help. I need to ask friends that can help and I need to learn from the best
First aid
Wilderness first responder class
Knife only survival class
Tracking class
Firearm class
And a type or hand to hand combat class

Bug in 3 days without water or power
Bug out 3 days with my bug out bag
Camp 3 days with only a knife

There is always more to learn but this is where I am going to start
I plan on making a post about these skills individually and my progression to being a survivor.



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